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PhD vs. EdD: What’s the Difference?

Prospective doctoral students in education often ask whether a PhD or EdD is better or even if the degrees are different. Although there are some universities that only offer a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Education while others only offer both a Ph.D. in Education and a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree.

The PhD and EdD degrees are similar in that they are both terminal degrees in the field, meaning that they are the highest or final degrees earned within a disciple. Both the PhD and EdD are doctorate degrees. When universities or schools of education make a distinction between these two doctoral degrees, the PhD is designed more as a research degree for future university faculty while the EdD is designed more as a practitioner degree for the professional teacher, principal, or superintendent. In these cases, the Ed.D. often has a more practical and less philosophical leaning, which allows the degree to more fluidly integrate in the life of an educator. That being said, some universities such as Harvard’s Graduate School of Education only offer the Ed.D., which is certainly research-based and prepares graduates to become university faculty. Both the PhD and EdD require approximately two years of full-time coursework (or the online equivalent), often a comprehensive or qualifying examination, and a written dissertation with an oral defense. PhD students are generally encouraged to do original research while EdD students are more likely to perform applied research. With either program, there’s typically a seven year time limit, but students can earn the degree in as little as three years.

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