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Thinking About a PhD? Tips for Success

Thinking About a PhD? Tips for Success
By Sophia Peters

A Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.) is the highest degree level of achievement possible in one of many different academic fields. Many people who complete a doctoral program chose to go into research, teaching, or administration. A Ph.D. and Doctor of Education (Ed .D.) both vary from program to program, and school to school, but the main difference between them is the design and intent of the programs.

An Ed.D. program generally prepares practitioners. The program would include coursework, internships, and independent work in learning and direction, staff development, supervising, evaluation, and research synthesis. The degree is awarded to students who have made significant contributions to a particular field, especially in the field of research. The main contribution is often a research-based doctoral thesis or dissertation that is defended in front of committee before the student can earn the degree. Those who earn the degree generally use the title "doctor" in academic environments, research, and in publications. To receive a doctorate in almost all areas of study, a student must prove that they've successfully completed a bachelor's and master's degree, although requirements may vary by field.

The Ph.D. program is a research degree and includes coursework, internships, and independent work in research designing, data analysis, and instructional theory. Ph.D. graduates tend to work in universities and research-based environments. Therefore a Ph.D. is based on original research while an Ed .D is practice-oriented. As with most masters' degree, be sure not to take too long to or you will start to lose credit hours. Doctorate programs require the completion of residency requirements (each school will define their residency requirements). Candidates are also required to work on a dissertation after completion of the coursework. This phase of the program is often referred to as ABD (all but dissertation).

It usually takes about three to four year to complete the doctoral degree although most people take longer if they are not full-time students. Many schools have a requirement that the degree must be completed within seven to eight years. Statistics indicate that many people start the doctoral degree but do not finish for various reasons. Some get to the ABD stage and never finish if they get a new job, have increased responsibilities, or a raise at their job. The reasons vary. So, what is the determinant for successful completion?

Motivation is a huge determinant of success! Being motivated means that you need to be interested in the courses and program, keep in touch with the instructor, classmates, readings etc and see the light at the end of the tunnel. e the pursuit of similar goals.

Goal setting and personal rewards i.e. both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation will keep you going. Adequate planning goals and setting milestones is certainly helpful. For example, tell yourself, "I will have completed half my coursework in one year" and then create a program of study to help you accomplish that. That will give you a degree of satisfaction and the energy to keep going. Always set aside a study place and time with no distractions. For example the library, computer lab or your study room at home may be the best place to concentrate and get work done.

Successful e-learners know how to balance. Don't forget to surround yourself with positive family, friends, and co-workers who will root for you! Also don't forget to take time off to relax and recoup. Do something different and fun from time to time. That will keep you refreshed. All said and done, hard work, determination, discipline gets you to the finish line!

A Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.) is the highest degree level of achievement possible in one of many different academic fields. Many people who complete a doctoral program chose to go into research, teaching, or administration. But what are the indicators of successful completion?

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